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Documentary Short

Official Trailer

Acquired by The New Yorker

Please see Accolades page for all awards and official selections for BNL

A single dad of three boys manages a diner. But, there's more to John than meets the eye.

Director | Stephen Michael Simon

Producers | Stephen Michael Simon + James Rodrigues Cinematographer | Stephen Michael Simon

Editor | Stephen Michael Simon

Additional Photography | James Rodrigues

Animations | Jordan Kuyper

Sound Editing/Design/Re-Recording | Ben LeHoullier


”SWEET TONY’S” & “IVY LEAGUE” Original score written & performed by Chris Petrosino


"HERE IF YOU WANT” “BOUND TO HAPPEN” & “IDK” Written & performed by Mosss


”FARNEARZZZ” & “DARK DAYS DON’T COME” Written & performed by Gary Bardizbanian


"IRIS" Written & performed by Nicholas Shahinian


Additional music written & produced by Parris Pierce

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